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Talent Search — How to identify the right media sites to post positions on?

Talent search, talent acquisition or recruiting — call it what you will, is a process that has to be flexible and keep evolving. Understanding what worked yesterday may not work today. To help you stay current we’ve put together a list of media sites to help you in your talent search. There are lots of options but the best advice is — fish where the fish are.

Job Boards

Job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder used to be the place to post and it was unthinkable if they were not part of your basic repertoire. Today people have moved away from traditional job board postings and are advertising on a variety of sites depending on the skills and culture fit they are looking for. As you can imagine, things change quickly.


There are a variety of sites that are aggregators — most of you have probably heard of Indeed.com. Basically, they take information from a variety of specific sites and post the positions in one place. This can include niche sites focused on diversity, veterans, and professional sites as well as company specific sites.

An aggregator will come and scrape your site (take all of your postings off of your ATS.) Usually this is free, but you also have the option of purchasing a pay per click package or even sponsor a position so that you are brought up to the beginning page, or two, of a candidates search. Try them out for free, have them scrape your site nightly, and see how you do. Once you identify which sites work you always have the option of paying for additional views.


Many of the aggregators post positions from niche sites you might be interested in. However, there are sites geared to specific skill sets or even specific groups of people. LinkedIn is a ubiquitous name in their space. As you probably know, LinkedIn is a site for professionals. As people enter their information it becomes a large database and unless people have asked not to be in a search, you will have access to everyone in the database. If you buy a package with LinkedIn, the cost is for recruiting, but with that you receive a corporate page. You should design your corporate page as you would your website, with thoughtful and intriguing information as well as visuals.

In addition to larger sites there are niche sites that may fill your need. If you are a non-profit, idealist.com might work for you. You can also look to higher education sites. Start by looking at your hiring metrics, if you have a group of people who attended a particular college or university and developed great skills there, advertise on those sites — and don’t forget about their alumni groups.

Sites like Jobvite allow you to send directed invitations to Facebook friends of your employees. Glassdoor was, until recently, a site where people expressed their appreciation or disdain for their company. Although the site retains this feature they are now growing in market share for recruiting. Don’t forget the people you recently hired, as they were just out there looking before you hired them, so they must also have desirable skill sets. They are a wealth of information regarding the latest and greatest places to advertise.

Internal Resources

Lastly, look to the marketing department. Most likely your marketing team has a social media plan and campaign with a variety of sites that are geared to your industry. Most of those sites will also give you the ability to advertise open positions. Your organization most likely already pays a fee that additionally covers recruitment advertisements.

There are lots of options but as we said at the start, fish where the fish are, sometimes greatness can be found in unexpected places.

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Written by Mercer PeoplePro Growing Your Business specialist, Ruth Baylis

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