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5 Talent Retention Tips For Protecting Your Top Talent


Is talent retention a problem? Are you afraid your best employees are about to be poached by competitors? Talent retention begins long before the first day on the job. Here are 5 simple steps to protect your valued talent from competitive poaching.


  1. Make them want to stay

Talented employees will always have options so try to make staying a far better or more costly option than leaving. If your employees have friends at work, a short commute and benefits not available at other places, it may be too costly for them to leave. You can also consider making your company an enjoyable place to work or by providing room for creativity and new ideas, which will keep the job fun and challenging and lessen the temptation.


  1. Be The Example

Employees value good leadership. So if you want to master talent retention and prevent your best talent from walking out the door the process begins with you. Leaders and managers who make false promises and fail to execute what is promised will not retain loyal employees.


  1. Balance Balance Balance

Nobody wants to be driven like a robot. Helping your employees realize a healthy balance between work life and personal or social life ensures they do not get burned out. Encourage them to use vacation time, paid time off and their sick days when needed. It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees get enough rest time to recharge, renew and re-energize.


  1. Make Evaluations Meaningful

Evaluating employees provides the opportunity to assess performance and engage and reward employees who are performing above and beyond. The truth is that employees aren’t poached — they leave of their own accord and are more likely to leave if they are disengaged. So, take stock of how your employees are feeling and practice kindness, honesty and patience – especially when giving constructive criticism.


  1. Communicate

Creating an open rapport with employees and offering them the chance to express themselves will help them develop a sense of trust. Be mindful of their achievements — let them know that their accomplishments are being noticed. You might want to consider asking how they’d like to be rewarded. You could be pleasantly surprised to learn that they’re just looking for a simple pat on the back.


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