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Does your HRIS work for you?

Are your technology solutions bringing more problems than solutions? If yes, you might want to consider a thorough process review. Our PeoplePro specialists can help you do a thorough review and recommend changes to optimize your technology. Ask a Pro and enjoy 2 free
hours of consulting

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Meet Mercer PeoplePro Gayle Mateer

Mercer PeoplePro HR Strategy and Talent Management specialist, Gayle Mateer, brings more than 15 years in the HRIT space, leading global HRIS teams, of various sizes, supporting all aspects of HR. She has a solid understanding of HR business and how technology can help automate, simplify, and streamline those processes.

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Talent Search — Fish Where the Fish Are

How to identify the right media sites to post positions on? Written by Mercer PeoplePro guest writer Ruth Baylis Saying that there is a scientific answer to this is only partially true. Recruiting is a process that has to be flexible and keep evolving. What worked yesterday may not work today. Any site that you…

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