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The Value Of Social Media As a Recruiting Tool

If your company isn’t using social media as a recruiting tool to find the best job candidates, then it has definitely missed the boat (and needs to get on board quickly). The bottom line is that the majority of recruiters now use social media to find talent.

Knowing how to best use social media to attract the best future employees isn’t just about filling empty seats behind desks, however.

Using social media as a recruiting tool is also a way to strengthen employer brand as well as creating a hiring process that’s at the foundation of a successful business.

Why social media is now a recruiting tool must

  1. It’s the best way to reach job seekers

Simply put, more job seekers are on social media than aren’t – far more. And it doesn’t even matter why; the bottom line is that posting a job on social media can increase employee applications by up to 50 percent.

  1. It represents a cultural shift

Studies have shown that millennials aren’t just driven by a paycheck but also by self-fulfillment and a desire to serve others. It’s also been shown that employees who view work as far more than paychecks and promotions perform better than employees who don’t.

  1. The ‘good old boy’ network is dwindling

Let’s face it, social media is a whole different way of securing top talent than someone putting in a good word for their buddy’s friend who just graduated from college. But it’s where recruiting has headed and is part of a more competitive drive to find the best job candidates.

  1. Better idea of who the candidate really is

Like the good old boy network, the days of gut reactions when it comes to choosing a job candidate are being lopped out of the equation, too. Hiring managers may find something they didn’t like on a candidate’s social media page or even reconsider a hire based on what they found. Social media is an additional source of information about a candidate that otherwise might not have been available.

How to use social media for hiring

  1. Be mobile-friendly

It wouldn’t be easy trying to find a job prospect who doesn’t have a smartphone. In fact, it might be impossible. That said, studies have shown that 70 percent – if not more – of today’s job seekers use their mobile device to search for employment. Convenience is key, whether that means receiving job alerts, or viewing job postings and job-related blogs and articles.

  1. Train recruiters

It’s not enough to just provide the right social media tools in the hiring process. You also have to train yourself and recruiters how to use these tools successfully. For example, just reaching out to candidates when there’s no job available is a common recruiting mistake. If there aren’t current job openings, make sure you’re sharing valuable information about the company, videos and infographics relevant to your organization, and links to talent communities.

  1. Building talent communities

By connecting a community of talented job candidates and employees with social media will enable you to cast a wider net to showcase your brand and engage talent. In a talent community, candidates can interact directly with employees to learn more about the organization, its culture, and what it’s like to work there. Managers and executives can also share their perspectives on the hiring process to give candidates an even better understanding of the company.

Using social media networks to simply post job vacancies isn’t enough. To attract the best candidates, employers must maintain high quality, engaging levels of content that relate not only to job opportunities, but also the company’s culture, future, and other factors.

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