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Strategies to Promote Employee Health and Well-Being


Employers spend nearly $1 trillion on health and well-being benefits for their employees. Some estimates are that 34% of that is wasted. The Mercer National Survey of Employer Sponsored plans in 2016 reported that 14.2% of your payroll is allocated to healthcare benefits.

While these results might be unsettling, you can help improve the health of your employees and their families and better manage health costs, while attracting and retaining employees. This all works to maximize your business results!

As a seasoned HR professional, you know employee health and well-being is key to getting the results you want. Some policies adopted by employers include allowing work time for physical activity or stress management, sponsoring healthy eating initiatives, promoting tobacco-free workplaces, and offering benefits as flex-time and job sharing.

Programs that can also be offered in conjunction with this are annual health assessments and sleep improvement programs. Many use incentives and/or technology, like apps and wearables, to drive participation and engagement — understanding that healthy employees are more engaged and happier with their work.

Getting a jump start on 2018

Work with your health plan to learn what they do to achieve improved patient outcomes, more efficient care and an improved member experience. Find out what they do to put the patient first, if they provide reports on the quality of their services, and what they are doing to improve service to your members. Ask questions and demand improvement in patient experience, not just in price. Embrace disruption to improve your results!

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