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Looking Beyond the Resume & Finding Top Talent

Hiring top talent is never an easy process. When you’re looking for candidates right out of school, finding the right candidate might be even more difficult. That’s because millennials don’t always have the same type of accomplishments noted on their resumes as their older colleagues.

When you’re looking to hire excellent young employees, sometimes you need to look past the resume to find a diamond in the rough. We’ve identified a few things you might do to help discover rising stars, even if their resumes, at first glance, leave a little bit to be desired.

Create Detailed Job Listings

If you really want to attract strong, young candidates one of the best things you can do is to create a very detailed job description, providing as much information about the position as possible. Even if a candidate is not trained or skilled in all aspects of the job, confident self-starters, who think they can do the job, are more likely to apply.

When you want to attract hard working, go-getters and employees who are motivated to learn, detailing the job responsibilities can scare away the less qualified and leave you with the diamonds in the rough.

Schedule More In-Person Interviews

Considering everyone’s busy schedule, conducting in-person interviews is often the last step in the hiring process. However, narrowing your search to only a few candidates before actually seeing them can be a major mistake.

When hiring young graduates, people skills, professionalism and general preparedness are important. You won’t know, or even have a real sense of how young grads act and carry themselves until you meet in person. There’s also the possibility that you’ll miss out on that one candidate who has a less than perfect resume but is whip-smart and can learn almost anything in a matter of days — but you’ll never know unless you meet face-to-face.

Bring the Team In

If the candidate under consideration is going to be part of a team, or will be supervised by several people, having the team members involved in the interview process can make a big difference. Even if the team doesn’t get final say, getting their feedback about in-person interviews can be invaluable. It’s also safe to say that if the person will be part of a team and the other team members didn’t like a candidate, they probably won’t be a good fit.

Consider On-the-Job Training

According to many recent graduates, on-the-job training is sorely lacking in today’s job market. In many cases it’s because employers want employees to know how to do their jobs from day one.

When you’re hiring young grads that simply isn’t realistic. It can also be dangerous since a lack of on-the-job training can leave employees feeling that they’ve been abandoned and left to figure things out on their own — that’s a risky situation for all involved.

Hiring young, talented workers can greatly enhance your business for years to come. So it makes sense to seek out the diamonds in the rough and look beyond the polished resumes — you never know you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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