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Management is far from a one-size-fits-all can of solutions. In fact, companies that employ successful human resource management strategies tend to offer a variety of solutions and opportunities for engagement that are almost as diverse as the people on their workforces. Being shortsighted and cutting corners in the world of workers will often having a telling tale of negative effects, but innovative managers who take the reins and run with the latest and greatest ideas tend to showcase success stories when they look back at a year in review.

Here are some of our favorite innovations in human resource management that could help bring your HR team to the head of the class:

There's an App for That.

Sure, it's true that this started out as a catch phrase that was catchy enough to find its way into the conversations of TV personalities and everyday people not too long ago. Today, however, there really is an app for everything. If you want to be able to communicate with today's millennials who speak a different language than those who came before them, you'll need to adjust your human resource management strategies accordingly.

There are plenty of apps that will enhance productivity, engagement, and overall employee interactions in the workplace. Here are a couple great ones:

  • Slack. When communication and productivity come together in the workplace, amazing things can happen. Slack was created to make management of projects (and the people responsible for them) easy, smooth, and accessible when your team members are on the go.
  • BambooHR. Managing people is definitely a job in itself. Tracking applicants, recording sick time, and keeping tabs on folks when they're away can seem impossible if you're living in the land of spreadsheets and sticky notes. Apps like BambooHR take all of those little pink and yellow slips of paper and incorporate your team's thoughts into a streamlined place where you can easily access, modify, and update employees' information accordingly.

Engagement Isn't a Fad.

Regardless of how you may feel about the term “employee engagement,” if you want to be successful as an organization, it's time to acknowledge that this phrase is not just a trend. Today's employees not only desire to be engaged — they expect it. If you're not willing to put up the capital to engage them, they'll look elsewhere. That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to retain top talent. Remember that time is money, too.

People want to be heard. They want someone to pay attention to their ideas. They want to be valued. None of this requires a substantial monetary investment; it simply means you need to invest time and attention into your people. Today's job market is no longer about hiring one person for one position from which they're expected to retire.

To take your mentality from fad to reality, consider these factors:

  • Everyone Matters. Everyone from the front line to the top of the pyramid has an experience attributable to the overall health of your organization. Excluding entry-level input is outdated. Include everyone, and embrace the ideas and varying experiences of people from all levels of your business. Positive and negative feedback alike will make your greater tomorrow.
  • Goals are Achieved when Clarity is Incorporated. Work with your employees to understand what they're great at, what they enjoy doing, and how they would be most successful in your company, then work together to define a role that works well for all parties involved.

If anyone is passionate about innovation in HR, it's Mercer PeoplePro's PRO Suzanne Matson, especially when it comes to connecting with and engaging Millenials. When asked for some recommended strategy and tips, Suzanne said “One simple strategy for communicating with millennials is remaining completely open. Millennials are often times more open than we are and because of this they often have solutions in mind for many issues that come up. Give them the opportunity to sell you on their ideas!”

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