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HR Technology — Latest Trends

Like the stock market, choosing which HR Technology trends are going to take off and become the “next big thing” can be an inexact science. However, there seem to be common themes emerging that are expected to dot the HR landscape this year.

Talent Management Science

One recent study showed that nearly 40 percent of organizations were using some form of talent-management analytics to uncover factors that might contribute to employee-turnover. Such factors may include, changes in compensation and benefits, a reduction in management training, retirement, or even activities that were involved in restructuring. In the past, recruiting, learning and performance management tools were sold as separate products. Now, many vendors provide talent management solutions that incorporate all of these tools into one product. Software worth exploring include; iCIMS, Halogen, and ClearCompany HRM

Improved Performance and Goal Management

Many companies have found that their existing performance management software isn’t sufficient to support their processes. Newer software containing built-in reviews and ratings features which will help to improve feedback and check-ins is now included in these products. Some of the best reviewed products include; Halogen Software, Trakstar, and HR Performance Solutions.

Personalized Management and Retention

When it comes to trends in Human Resources (HR) Technology personalized engagement and retention plans for every key employee is a critical area of importance. Analyzing what each employee values in their work and career, as well as culture or compatibility indicators, and personality tests, may soon become standard practice. MINDBODY and ClearCompany have both received positive reviews.


Managing your business financials can take time away from pursuing your passion. Online accounting software is designed to help organize expenses, track cash flow, prepare your taxes, and even help you get paid faster. If you’re interested in investing in an easy-to-use bookkeeping tool, be sure to consider QuickBooks’ accounting software as a partner to help grow your business.

The Emergence of Mobile Platforms

Companies are scrambling to adapt their HR systems because of surging use of smartphone and because employees are increasingly seeking access to corporate applications via mobile devices. Many companies are even developing their own apps so employees can have access to basic HR functions, such as expense report or time sheet submissions. If a company has considered replacing its existing HR systems, they may seek vendors who offer mobile apps as part of their core services.

Technology Moves Employee Engagement to the Forefront

Human Resources leaders may want to consider upgrading existing HR systems and find tools that offer a consumer-like experience, mobile capabilities, and predictive analytics, while letting employees test them for ease of use. An important measurement of engagement and effectiveness will be how many employees are using HR tools, as well as their frequency and duration of use.

HR Expertise On Demand

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