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Wearable Devices and Wellness

Aug 17, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Wearable Devices

There’s lot’s of buzz about wearable devices and the impact they’re having on company wellness programs. Consider this as you start planning for open enrollment.

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Open Enrollment Season – Tips for Success

Jul 31, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Open Enrollment

Thinking about open enrollment? The season is almost quickly approaching. Before doing anything, consider these 5 Tips for success.

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Take A Vacation, Please! Rethinking Vacation Time

Jul 19, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Vacation Time

When managers don’t support vacation time, everyone suffers and it’s time to rethink your vacation policy. Consider these supportive practices that can help

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Preventive Services Requirement – ACA Repeal Outlook For 2018

Jul 11, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Preventive Services

Preventive services are under tough scrutiny by Senate Republicans, leaving their future in danger of repeal. See how you can prepare for 2018.

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Senate Health Bill – Impact on Employer Sponsored Healthcare Plans

Jul 10, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Employer Sponsored Healthcare

Senate attention. See how The Better Care Reconciliation Act, AKA the ACA, may have a disturbing impact on your company healthcare program.

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Open Enrollment in 5 Easy Steps

Jul 7, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is nearly here. Time to share how your company makes a difference in the lives of employees and their families, beyond a paycheck.

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Workplace Wellness — 5 Healthful Tips

Jun 28, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is getting lots of attention now that sitting has been declared “the new smoking.” We offer 5 tips to improve workplace wellness for your employees.

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QSEHRA—New Health Care Option for Small Employers

Jun 9, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog QSEHRA

While it’s too late for most employers to take advantage of a QSEHRA plan option— it’s definitely something that should be considered for 2018. Ask a Pro to see if the plan is right for your company.

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Benefit Compliance 2018 Planning

Jun 6, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Benefit Compliance

Benefit compliance for 2018 remains a high priority despite the uncertain future of the ACA. See how to get a jump-start on planning for the 2018 renewal.

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Considering Paid Parental Leave for Your Plans?

May 15, 2017
Mercer PeoplePro Blog Paid Parental Leave

Are you considering adding paid parental leave program to your plans? Want to know what others companies are doing? Before you start, review these important survey findings.

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