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Employee Engagement Tools to Help All Year Round

Employee engagement tools are experiencing an exciting innovation explosion with tools that address the real issues facing HR including analytics, social recruiting and employee engagement.

It no longer makes sense to purchase a one-size-fits-all HR information system to address all of a company’s needs. That’s why HR professionals are constantly evaluating new employee engagement tools that can help them meet their HR and business goals.

HR Solutions to Drive Employee Engagement

One topic getting considerable attention is employee engagement. We know that there are many factors driving engagement including trust in leadership, two-way communication, recognition, working relationships with immediate managers, peers, career development and compensation and benefits.

Studies show that higher engagement translates into better business outcomes including higher profitability, greater customer satisfaction, lower turnover and higher productivity. So, investment in technology that can increase employee engagement has a measurable return on investment for your organization.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach of conducting annual surveys has many shortcomings. Most notably — how do you test the mood of your organization, celebrate achievements or continue to evolve your culture into a better work environment through the entire year?

Cool Employee Engagement Tools

Now there are new solutions to help companies foster employee engagement all year round.  The newest technology offerings are cool and innovative, as well as easier and cheaper than ever. Employee engagement tools like targeted pulse surveys, social sensing, social recognition and mobile messaging can help aid an employee engagement strategy that includes active listening.

If you’re considering them for your company, look for mobile functionality, real time results and strong data analytics. Here’s a short list of tools and vendors to consider that provide a new disruptive approach to employee engagement:

  • Employee Feedback – Butterfly, Ask Nicely (real-time pulse surveys)
  • Employee Communications – Tango (free mobile messaging, video, voice, text & shared content)
  • Social Recognition – Achievers, GloboForce
  • Engagement Surveys – Culture Amp, Vibecatch
  • Development, Recognition and Engagement – HighGround (performance management through coaching, recognition &rewards and surveys)

As HR continues to grow and partner with business, it’s essential to measure and identify satisfaction in your organization regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership, culture and organizational strategies. These emerging new tools will help you provide meaningful data to your leadership team and help them develop important engagement and listening strategies that lead to better business outcomes.

  • Development, Recognition and Engagement – HighGround (performance management through coaching, recognition &rewards and surveys)

HR Expertise On Demand

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