Meet Mercer PeoplePro, Aleks Myers

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Meet Mercer PeoplePro, Aleks Myers

What is your full name? Aleksandra Myers

Where do you live? Madison, NJ

Start Date — Dec. 5, 2016

What is your background/broad experience and/or career highlights? I have previous experience working for various investment banks and financial institutions. My primary focus was Corporate Compliance.

Education? University of Oklahoma; B.A degree in Criminal Law and Communications

Why did you choose to work for Mercer PeoplePro? I wanted to continue focusing on my career and balance my family life.

What specialties (skills, subject matter expertise) are you bringing to Mercer PeoplePro? I am bringing Compliance expertise specific to broker-dealers, investment advisors and FINRA member firms, specifically focusing on corporate compliance, written supervisory procedures and on boarding of registered reps.

What is one thing that clients should know about you? I am a problem solver and like to do research.

What is something you are passionate about? I am passionate about philanthropy specific to children.

What piece of advice would you give to new employees? Ask questions! It’s the only way you will learn, think and stay on your toes!

What are 4 words/things that best describe you? Energetic, hard-working, humorous, confident

Tell us about your family — My husband, Dave, and I live in Madison, NJ with our three beautiful children Jake (5), Ryan (3) and Emily (2). His family is all local while my family is all in Dallas, Texas.

What was an outstanding event in your life? Traveling to Nicaragua and Colombia with the United Nations World Food Program to help bring resources to impoverished areas.

What are your favorite things to do? What do you do to keep joy in your life? I love to work out and compete in various races (half-marathons, 5/10K, Tough Mudder, etc). Even though I cook multiple meals for three young children daily, I love to cook but could use lessons in baking. I can’t even make toast without burning it!

What are your goals? My goal is to provide for my family and show them what hard work can create. A personal goal is to finish top 10 in the next marathon!

What is the favorite place you have been to, and why do you like it? Lake Tahoe, CA is my favorite place! The clarity of the water and the panorama of surrounding mountains on all sides makes this the most relaxing place. I love snowboarding there in the winters and spending summer nights on the lake. There’s nothing like it!

How can someone get in touch with you about a project? It’s easy. You can schedule a free 2-hour consultation with me at Mercer PeoplePro, or you can reach me by email at Please visit us to learn more about our services and to meet our Pros.

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