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Meet Mercer PeoplePro, Christa Cantrell

Meet Mercer PeoplePro Engagement and Communication specialist, Christa Cantrell.

Engagement and Communication specialist, Christa Cantrell brings HR experience across a broad spectrum —healthcare communications, retirement, diversity and inclusion and compensation that help small to medium-size organizations train and develop staff to enhance performance.

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Do I Need An Affirmative Action Plan?

Mercer PeoplePro blog- Do I Need an Affirmative Action Plan?

Because an Affirmative Action Plan is complex to produce and manage, an employer will normally not create one unless required to do so under one of the acts listed above. If you do need one, make sure you have the appropriate understanding of what is required.

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How to Get Executive Buy-In

Mercer PeoplePro Blog - Building a Proper Business CaseMercer PeoplePro Blog - Building a Proper Business Case

Want to know how to get executive buy-in for your HR initiatives? Mercer PeoplePro presents a must read blog outlining why a basic business case is critical to success plus a practical guide to help you build one that will get results from the c-suite.

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Labor Market Outlook for 2017

Many believe the labor market could be in for a major shakeup. How will it impact your ability to hire the most talented job candidates? Unsure? Ask a PeoplePro Strategy and Talent Management expert — standing by and happy to help.

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