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Breaking Federal Court Blocks FLSA

Mercer PeoplePro Blog - Federal Court Blocks FLSA

Today a federal judge blocked the FLSA rule extending overtime pay to more than 4 million salaried workers. What does the reversal of the FLSA mean for you?  Ask a Pro and enjoy 2 free hours of consulting at

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The Uncertain Future of FLSA

Mercer PeoplePro Blog - What to Expect with FLSA

We’re days away from the Dec. 1 FLSA compliance deadline yet much remains uncertain. To help navigate the approaching deadline and the potential changes, PeoplePro reviews the options and offers the latest thinking.

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Trump and the Future of the ACA

Mercer PeoplPro Blog -Trump and the Future of the ACA

While full repeal seems unlikely how much will change and how will it affect small- and mid-sized employers and their employees? PeoplePro specialists address the issues and offer insights into what can be done now.

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